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All About Me


Once upon a time, in a beautiful Cotswold village, there lived a lady that made amazing wedding cakes. She lived in a lovely home with her husband, their five children, two cats and a dog and spent her days looking after the children, baking and making realistic sugar flowers.  She was very good at what she did and even made a cake for a Prince! Everybody thought that because she made wedding cakes and sugar flowers for cheerful people getting married, she should love her job and enjoy every moment of making those fantastic cakes. However, much like in the Grimm's fairy tales, there was a far more gruesome side to this lady. A side that didn't really fit with the sweetness and light that she poured in to those special cakes. She was much more like the Evil Queen than Snow White. ​ Whilst she put her heart and soul in to each creation and made sure that everything came together perfectly for the happy couples, she yearned for her creations to be darker.  She wanted to create something that embraced the quirky, the unusual and the downright macabre. Something that actually captured hearts and souls. ​ But how could she do that and still make people love it and desire it? ​ Why, chocolate of course! ​ Using hand crafted moulds and finest Belgian chocolate she began to experiment. First came the solid chocolate skulls, both human and crow, then came the antlers, the wands and the hand painted bars. With ideas and concepts coming faster than she could keep up with, Seven Crows Chocolate Company was born.   A shop that would be a magical Cabinet of Curiosities with everything created in chocolate! ​ Skulls, bones and toadstools, athames, candles, cauldrons, talons, teeth and shells.  The list of objects was constantly growing and seemed to be taking on a life of it's own. That's when she knew for definite that this was the right choice. ​ Unusual and unconventional chocolate gifts for people looking for something a little less ordinary, carefully hand poured and hand finished before being gently packed using recyclable or compostable packaging that can be returned to the earth!  ​ She had found it. ​ The perfect way to keep her little black heart happy and enchant the the hearts of others. ​ And that is just the beginning of this story. ​





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